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Live in Blue Bay – Happiness in every sound!

The International Non-commercial Jazz Festival “Live in Blue Bay” was conceived as an alternative to music show business projects selling easy listening. Three years running the main stage of “Live in Blue Bay” gathers not less than six thousand spectators and more than a hundred of professional musicians. It means that audience misses high-quality performance and live music. This festival became one of key events of the autumn season in the Crimea preserving its core values – open-air format and free access for all comes. The next jazz festival in Koktebel is planned for September 6 – 9, 2012.

In 2008 an organizer and ideologist, General Manager of “Goluboy Zaliv” Recreation Centre Konstantiv Zelinsky took a courageous step having founded “Live in Blue Bay” as an attempt to get intelligent elite music across general audience. And this attempt turned out to be successful: it has been found that such music can be in demand. In the first year of the festival a square in front of the main stage of “Goluboy Zaliv” Recreation Centre was crowded. At one of press conferences a musician and Organizing Committee member Sergey Manukyan noted that the festival creates of a unique atmosphere when it is important for a spectator and listener to participate in general performance. “The beauty of concerts and jam sessions that t that they are taking place here and now”, - he emphasized  individuality of jazz sounding of “Live in Blue Bay”. That is precisely why “Happiness in every sound!” became a motto of the festival.

For three years at the stage of “Live in Blue Bay” there appeared such well known musicians as Aleksey Kozlov and Noviy Arsenal band (Russia), Nino Katamadze (Georgia), Vladimir Solyanik (Ukraine), Amina Figarova (Belgium), BRASIL BOSSANOVA (Brasil), Keksy band  (Latvia), Impact Fuze (Russia-France), Mezzoforte (Iceland), Made in France (France-Russia) and others. At the main and small stage a traditional addition to the concerts became an outstanding procession along the settlement that signifies opening, master classes of festival participants, jam sessions. This year audience could visit an exhibition of exclusive music instruments and spectacular music performance – drum battle.

In 2011 the organizing committee decided to prolong the festival for a day and Live in Blue Bay was making jazz admirers happy for four days. Thus, every musician had more possibilities to give a taste show quality. Festival program filled almost the whole day with concerts: the small stage started to work at 1:00 pm and music played till 4:00 pm, then after a short break at 6:00 pm the main stage took the baton audience of which was happy in every sound till the midnight. Then the most committed jazz lovers moved to Bohema art-café where during jam sessions they could join creative process of improvisations.

According to results of the third season “Live in Blue Bay” received the following appreciations in mass media: “It is the most stylish, democratic and open festival” (Ukrainian Tourist Newspaper), “Jazz played alive evokes delight that cannot be compared with other music styles! It is almost an orgasm, 11 hours of orgasm” (quotation of A.Aliev, Minister of Health Resorts and Tourism on “Crimea. Comments”);  “However in September the Sun has a rival – it is jazz” (Expert Magazine); “Thanks God, Koktebel exists on the Earth – it seems it is the place where jazz has lived forever” (Glory of Sevastopol).

The Organizing Committee of the International Noncommercial Jazz Festival “Live in Blue Bay” considers necessary to preserve the principles of event accessibility. Inviting world jazz stars, organizers are not going to lay costs related to arrangement of concerts of such high level at audience. That is why “Live in Blue Bay” is open for cooperation with finance and information sponsors ready to support our idea.

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